Silver Surfer
  This was a small 9 x 12 experiment with Prismacolor Pencils and lighter fluid. The effect was cool but it is very hard to control and extremely time consuming.
She Hulk at home
  This 16 x 20 piece was done in Copic Markers and outlined in Prismacolor Pencils. The piece is as yet unfinished for the background is yet to be decided upon.
The Rhino
  This was an 11 x 14 piece done at Wonder Con many years ago. Prismacolor forground and pencil background.
Wolverine (Hugh Jackman)
  All the comic fans wanted to see Hugh in the comic outfit so I decided to give them what they wanted and this was the result. 16 x 20 Prismacolor forground and pencil portrait background on bristol board.
Silver Surfer  (Lim /Jim)
  My old friend Ron Lim  did the pencil work on this one and I worked a little airbrush and Prismicolor Pencils into it resulting a a 16 x 20 original on bristol board.

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